Pt - conducted RF output power of the transmitter
Gt - antenna gain of the transmitter
Gr - antenna gain of the receiver
Distance - distance between the transmitter and receiver
Frequency - frequency of the transmitter RF output
Wavelength - calculated wavelength of the transmitter RF output
Pr - calculated RF power at the receiver antenna


The calculated power is the approximent RF power at the receiver antenna. If this amount of power suits your application, please contact Powercast.
If the distance entered is less than the wavelength, the calculated results may be less accurate.
Powerspot transmitter specifications:
Pt: 28.71 dBm (0.743 W)
Gt: 6 dBi (4 W/W)
3W Powercaster transmitter specifications:
Pt: 26.5 dBm (0.447 W)
Gt: 8.343 dBi (6.83 W/W)
1W Powercaster transmitter specifications:
Pt: 22.4 dBm (0.17 W)
Gt: 8.343 dBi (6.83 W/W)
Gains for Common Antennas
Dipole antenna 2dBi (1.6 W/W)
Patch antenna 6dBi (4.0 W/W)
F antenna 2dBi (1.6 W/W)

Common unit conversion calculators

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